Additional Information

1. The roof pitch is 4:12 for all pavilion kits.
2. Tongue-and-groove wood deck is 2”x 8” #1 grade T&G SYP, pressure treated, Penta type C.
3. Asphalt shingle roof is a 40-year architectural grade shingle with a single layer of synthetic underlayment; metal drip edge; HDG 4 gauge 1 ¼” ring shank coil nails; 6 nails per shingle.
4. All wood glulam beams, tongue-and-groove, and fascia will be pre-finished at the factory with a semi-transparent wood stain finish. Color is “natural” unless specified differently.
5. All steel posts, trusses, beams, and purlins are sandblasted (SSPC 5/NACE “white finish”), primed (small molecule zinc rich epoxy primer) and powder coated (Super Durable TGIC polyester top coat) at the factory for a 30 year + life cycle.
6. All eave heights are 8’0” from slab on grade to underside of eave beam.
7. All wood sheathing is 7/16” OSB or plywood.
8. The fascia is 2”x 6” dimensional wood wrapped with 26-gauge Galvalume® fascia wrap trim with a Kynar® 500 finish with matching fasteners.
9. The metal roofing is Mega Rib style. Kits # 2, 4 and 5 use 26-gauge Mega Rib metal roofing and kits # 6, 7, and 8 use 24-gauge Mega Rib metal roofing. All parts needed for installation including fastening screws are included.
10. State-sealed drawings and structural calculations are provided with each kit which are site adapted for site specific snow, rain, wind, and seismic conditions.
11. Drinking fountains are not included in any of the pavilion kits and should be ordered separately, if desired, when placing the order for the pavilion kit. Drinking fountains come from Most Dependable Fountains (MDF) and are ADA compliant with a top fountain, side fountain, and hose attachment bib. Specify freeze resistant or non-freeze resistant and color when ordering.
12. Contents of lighting components included with each kit: (8) Metalux 8TVT2-232-DR-UNV-EB81-WL-U fixtures; (5) Rectangular Box 4-1/2” Holes Grey; (5) Metal In Use Multi Mac Cover, (4) Slim 20A 125V Slim TR GFCI, 4-hour cycle, no-hold, automatic shut-off, Intermatic #FF34F or equal by Paragon or Tork; (32) Sylvania 32W 48” Lights; (15) Steel Straps; (12) Compression Connectors; (12) Couplings; (150’) Conduit 1/2”; (1) Conduit Elbow 1/2”; (500’) each Black, White, Green wire 12 gage. All materials sourced from Border States / EWS.
13. Picnic tables ordered and shipped with the pavilion will be shipped without any freight cost. Smith Steelworks has already leased a truck to deliver all of the pavilion components, and adding the picnic tables, bike racks, or anything else onto that shipment will not increase the freight charges.